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Receipt Templates

Inventory Bill Receipt Template

A bill receipt is an invoice document that is prepared by companies and other businesses like retail stores or other trading concerns. Main contents of a bill receipt will include information about sold items and their payments. Here we present a bill receipt template for your kind assistance. You can use this bill receipt template […]

Receipt Templates

Daily Sales Receipt Template

When a customer purchases goods or services from a company, he is provided with the sales receipt that is kept by him as a record of purchases he has made for a specific period of time. A sales receipt will contain information about the goods purchased, their payment and the dealer etc. Here we present […]

Receipt Templates

House Rent Receipt Template

A rent receipt is a document that will contain information about tenant and landlord, property for which rent is paid, date of payment, property address, amount of rent, time period for which rent is paid and information about method of payment like by cash, by cheque, ,money order etc. Here we present a rent receipt […]

Receipt Templates

Cash Receipt Template

A cash receipt is a document used in support of any business transaction. Cash receipt is used when a sales transaction gets complete. A cash receipt will contain information about the seller and buyer, business and details of transaction, payment made, amount paid, date and method of payment. Here we present a cash receipt template […]

Proposal Templates

Free Project Proposal Template

A project proposal is a document that is drafted to present a plan of action containing outlines of the reason why it is needed. Write of project proposal have to use convincing words so that the reader gets convinced to accept the proposal. All information abut the project will be included in its contents like […]

Business Templates

Event Planning Template

Event planning is one of growing businesses. Event planning can be successful if it is being done using proper documents like event planners. Nature of vent planning business varies like one can be a business events planner or he may serve as social event planner etc. Main contents of documents used by event planners are […]

Plan Templates

Project Action plan Template

An action plan is a written document that describes the steps that will be taken by supervisors, trainers, learners and co-workers to maximize smooth functioning of a project. An action plan may also be used by students to plan their preparations for exams etc. Here we present an action plan template for your kind assistance. […]

Plan Templates

Product Sales Plan Template

A sales plan is a document that will describe all your goals regarding sales along with description how you are going to achieve these goals. A sales plan will include information about target market, competitors, specifics, actionable steps, assessment of performance of sales staff etc. Here we present a sales plan template for your kind […]

Plan Templates

Free Strategic Plan Template

A strategic plan is a business document that will contain detailed information about business’s strategies for a project or whole business. Main contents that can be included in a strategic plan can include definition of strategies or directions of actions, making decisions, allocation of resources for execution of all strategies like capital and people etc. […]

Plan Templates

Risk Management Plan Template

A risk management plan is a business document that may be prepared by a project manager to foresee risks and suggest effective measures to deal with the proposed risks. Main contents of this document will include information about nature of business, definitions of risks, expected after effects of risks, possible options for the risks to […]