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Job Work Estimation Template

Job work assignments are used to deploy work equally among employees. It is especially observed when working capacity of employees are fully optimized and still critical tasks are pending. Manager left no option except to force employees to do extra work by adding an estimation work in job title. Since the exact workload is underestimation […]

Time Sheet Template

Within time performance is the real goal that we all want to achieve. Since it is very hard to perform therefore, properĀ guild linesĀ and assistance is inevitable. The best way to achieve time constraint targets is to prepare a time sheet template. A time sheet template is a simple and easy to do sheet enables user […]

Weekly Schedule Template

A weekly schedule will provide you a list of all important activities that need to be performed in this week. All activities in a weekly schedule will be listed in a specific order depending on the urgency of each activity. A weekly schedule may be prepared for an individual or a whole team of a […]

Daily Schedule Template

Maintaining a daily schedule of all your activities will help you in having a successful day with no work left pending for next day. A daily schedule will contain list of all tasks to be performed along with the additional notes about performance of each task. Here we present a daily schedule template for your […]