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Inventory Bill Receipt Template

A bill receipt is an invoice document that is prepared by companies and other businesses like retail stores or other trading concerns. Main contents of a bill receipt will include information about sold items and their payments. Here we present a bill receipt template for your kind assistance. You can use this bill receipt template […]

Daily Sales Receipt Template

When a customer purchases goods or services from a company, he is provided with the sales receipt that is kept by him as a record of purchases he has made for a specific period of time. A sales receipt will contain information about the goods purchased, their payment and the dealer etc. Here we present […]

House Rent Receipt Template

A rent receipt is a document that will contain information about tenant and landlord, property for which rent is paid, date of payment, property address, amount of rent, time period for which rent is paid and information about method of payment like by cash, by cheque, ,money order etc. Here we present a rent receipt […]

Cash Receipt Template

A cash receipt is a document used in support of any business transaction. Cash receipt is used when a sales transaction gets complete. A cash receipt will contain information about the seller and buyer, business and details of transaction, payment made, amount paid, date and method of payment. Here we present a cash receipt template […]