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Property Rental Agreement Template

A rental agreement template will be signed by the landlord and the person who is going to take property on rent. Rental agreement will contain detailed information about the renting of property and use of property like rent payment on each month, use of property, penalties in case of breach of contract, ending of the […]

Inventory Purchase Agreement Template

A purchase agreement template will contain detailed information about terms and conditions agreed upon by the seller and buyer. A purchase agreement will be made by the buyer and signed by both the buyer and seller. A purchase agreement template is provided here to give you an idea about clauses of a purchase agreement. This […]

Partnership Agreement Template

We are providing high quality partnership agreement template free for downloading. Partnership agreement template will serve as a partnership deed containing detailed information about the partnership firm, admission of a partner, retirement of a partner, drawings by any partner, dissolution of a partner, management of partnership firm, share in capital of partnership firm, insolvency of […]

Simple Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Non-disclosure agreement template (NDA) is also known as confidentiality agreement that bounds a party in agreement not to disclose information shared with him to some third party without consent of the first party. A non-disclosure agreement will include terms and conditions about disclosure of information and penalties in case of breach of contract and exemptions […]

Term Loan Agreement Template

A loan agreement template will contain detailed information about lender and borrower, amount of loan, terms and conditions of loan agreement. It further provides information about repayment of loan, interest rate and penalties to borrower in case of delay in repayment of loan amount etc. Here we present a loan agreement template ton give you […]

Shop Lease Agreement Template

A lease agreement template is a written contract but some lease agreements can be verbal too. A lease agreement may be signed between a person and an organization who owns some sort of property or another person or organization who is in need to rent or borrow that property for a specified period of time. […]

Employment Agreement Template

An employment agreement template is a legal document that will contain detailed information about the terms and conditions of employment agreed by both employer and employee. Here is an employment agreement template for your kind assistance. Main content of this employment agreement template include name of employer and employee, limit of employment, breach of contract, […]

Simple Contract Agreement Template

A contract is legally enforceable by law which means the parties to the contract agreement template will be legally responsible for executing the agreement. With respect to legal importance, a contract agreement document should be drafted using legal terms. Here we present a contract agreement template to give you an idea about drafting a contract. […]