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Shop Lease Agreement Template

A lease agreement is a written contract but some lease agreements can be verbal too. A lease agreement may be signed between a person and an organization who owns some sort of property or another person or organization who is in need to rent or borrow that property for a specified period of time.  A […]

Printable Wine Label Template

Wine label will contain information about main ingredients of wine, specialty of wine, information about the manufacturer and name of the wine at the top. It is not necessary that a wine label will be used only by professional manufacturers but you may also need it if you use to produce wine at your home […]

Business Address label Template

Address label is a piece of paper containing name and address of a person who is sending a package and address of recipient. Using an address label will be very helpful for you if you are going to send mail to lots of people like sending Christmas gifts etc. Address label can be designed simply […]