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Ordinary Share Certificate Template

Share certificate is a written document that is issued by a corporation or signed by a person on behalf of a corporation. Also this document is referred to as stock certificate. It serves as a legal proof of ownership of stated number of shares. Main information that will be provided in a share certificate will […]

Free Gift Certificate Templates

Free gift certificate templates are restricted monetary equivalent certificate that can be given by any person to other on any occasion or for some reason like birthday gift certificate, Christmas gift certificate, wedding gift certificate etc. All free gift certificate templates may also be issued by organizations for their services or products to their clients […]

Child Birth Certificate Template

A birth certificate template is issued to each newly born child containing basic information about his birth, his name, his parents name, his nationality, weight, birth time etc. Every state his its own rules and regulations about birth certificate but the design of this certificate can change in different offices that issue birth certificates. Here […]

Merit Award Certificate Template

An award may be given by an authority to its subordinate or to a person for his best performance. An award certificate template will contain name of the person to who the award certificate is given, name of the issuing authority, reason for giving award, date and signatures of the authorities. An award certificate will […]