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Sample Name Card Template

A name card will contain name of the person, his title and address of the person. Writing address on name card is also optional. It can be a white piece of paper or you can write your name on a designed paper. Here we present a name card template for your kind assistance. This name […]

Recipe Card Template

A recipe card will contain recipe name, list of ingredients and steps to follow for making the final dish. A recipe card can also have picture of final dish to give the reader an idea about presentation of dish. Here we present a recipe card template for your kind assistance. This recipe card template contains […]

Thank you Card Template

A thank you card can be sent for any reason to any person like thanking for gift, thanking for help, thanking for attending party etc. A thank you car will contain true wording of sender for the recipient and a beautiful design either made with real flower pictures or clip art. To give you an […]

Event Greeting Card Template

Sending greeting cards either to say thanks, to wish good luck or to simply make a person feel being cared are sent to friends and relatives. You don’t need to wait for an event to reach for sending a greeting card so when you miss someone, create a card and send it to your friend. […]

Traveling Postcard Template

Traveling Postcard template is a rectangular piece of paper or it is a thin cardboard that will be used for writing and mailing without an envelope. For instance if you intend to send an invitation and you want to send this invitation on a paper with beautiful design then you not use an envelope for […]