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Basic Payslip Template

A basic payslip is a documentary evidence of funds transferred by a company or firm to an specific or any other define bank account under the consideration of services provided by an individual on permanent basis. The fund transfer process can be through banking or through cash. It depends largely on the discretion of employer. However, there are […]

Wanted Poster Template

Create your own Wanted Poster Template with our providing high quality and editable Wanted Poster Template. We have provided a non western style wanted poster in order to meet new challenges. In our template, you will see the attention attitude along with picture and details. In the end, a reward amount is mentioned in case if […]

Project Change Log Template

A project change log file is used to take record of changes made by management whether these are major or minor. This log file is maintained at site and can be view any time by authorized personnel. In the end of project, this file will highlight key changes or number of changes that is made […]

Event Planning Template

Event planning is one of growing businesses. Event planning can be successful if it is being done using proper documents like event planners. Nature of vent planning business varies like one can be a business events planner or he may serve as social event planner etc. Main contents of documents used by event planners are […]

Weekly Menu Planner Template

A menu planner is a document that will help you in planning a healthier menu for an individual or a gathering like parties, business events, wedding ceremonies etc. A menu may be created for a period of time from one day up to a month or more. Here we present a menu planner template for […]

Business letterhead Template

A business letterhead template is a writing page designed to write messages or notification to be communicated to employees of an organization. A business letterhead template can also be used for communication in business or sending letters to clients as well. A business letter will contain business logo, information about business like its address, website […]

Printable Packing Slip Template

Printable packing slip template is a document that is sent with the goods or parcel. It is at the option of the sender that he may place the packing slip inside the package or paste it as label on the package. Main contents of packing slip will contain information about the sender, information about the […]

Printable Christmas Gift Template

Christmas is one of the best times to send presents to friends and beloved ones. Sometimes you may get confused while buying gift for a special person then you should go with a very good choice that is sending Christmas gifts bearing some monetary value to the someone special so that he/she may purchase gift […]

Free Bill of Sale Template

A bill of sale template is a legal document that is made by the seller to the purchaser reporting that on a specific date, at specific business and for a specific amount, the seller sold a good to the buyer. A bill of sale is a written evidence of the transfer of property from the […]

Cafe Pamphlet Template

Cafe Pamphlet templates are used to spread information about events or any business. Pamphlet designing needs special designing skills and use of different designing software. Pamphlet designing can go costly if you hire a professional designer to design a pamphlet for you but you can save money by designing it yourself or using a template. […]